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Buy Letrozol 2.5MG online.

Buy Letrozol 2.5MG online is available in tablet form. It is a nonsteroidal drug, the third generation, one of the strongest aromatase inhibitors. Unlike other similar drugs, letrozole does not block estrogen receptors in cells, but directly blocks aromatase enzymes, so after the end of the course the opposite effect does not occur.

Letrozole is used to prevent side effects of steroids that have an androgenic effect and inhibit the production of their own testosterone. The drug eliminates such estrogenic effects as: poured, acne, fat deposits, gynecomastia and slightly increases the level of testosterone.

Letrozole, a very powerful and long-lasting drug, reduces the level of estrogen to 79% and lasts up to 60 hours due to a long period of decay. Therefore, its use is justified only on an intensive course of flavoring steroids.

Course of admission.

The exact dosage of Letrozole is prescribed depending on the passed or concomitant course of aromatizing steroids and after the assay for estradiol.

But, as a rule, bodybuilders Letrozole is recommended to take in a dose of 1-2.5 mg daily, regardless of the time of ingestion. Although it is proved that even a dosage of 100 mcg, and this is a quarter of a pill per day, perfectly inhibits the action of the aromatase enzyme

Then you can go to another scheme of reception: the drug can be consumed not every day, but every other day, because it persists in the body for up to 60 hours.

Side effects.

Side effects are manifested when the recommended dosages are increased, among them: headache, joint pain, fever, weakness, nausea, high blood pressure, dizziness, hair loss.



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