Buy CITADEL 10x10IU SOMATROPIN is the premium human growth hormone in Canada. Each Citadel HGH kit contains 10 vials of 10iu growth hormone.

Usage instructions:

A huge number of people want detailed information about the use of HGHs. Some of the most important aspects of HGH usage are administration, reconstitution, and dosage. It is important to read the instructions given and also confirm with the usage guide.

If there is any information about Citadel HGH that you want to know and you cannot easily find it, talk to a pharmacist, nurse, or doctor for detailed information. Before you start using the medicine, there are various things that your doctor should know.

Such information includes: whether you are pregnant or breastfeeding, how the body reacts to various allergens, and health problems such as heart disease and high blood pressure. With such information, the doctor will be in good position to give the best prescription to avoid unnecessary complications.

Injections can be given at home to those who do not need to be admitted in hospitals. You can always search online for Citadel HGH. Topsteroidshop is one of the most trusted companies offering high quality Citadel. It is always advisable to buy medication from a reputable company or online store.


Like earlier mentioned, the best thing to do is to seek the guidance of a professional in everything you do. Consult with the caregiver to know how much of the medicine you need to take. Dosages depend on the reason for taking HGH or the strength of the prescribed medicine. In case you have no caregiver to consult, do not do things blindly. Check the medicine bottle for directions. If you cannot make accurate interpretations, seek help. It is important that you take the medicine according to the dose administered. Stick to the stated frequency and amount.


Like other types of medicine, keep it away from children. Also protect it from direct sunlight and heat. Room temperature is quite okay. Avoid storing the medicine in damp places such as kitchen sink or bathroom. If expired, dispose it correctly. Also, you should not share medicine with anyone.

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